If you're in a hurry, go slow!

If you're even more in a hurry, take a detour!

Here you can see the walk-in "closet" for 8 crew members. Together with a couple of t-shirts and underpants this is actually what you need on board. Some still use socks, but that's really it in terms of clothing. For personal stuff and hygiene items you then have a small backpack or duffel bag with you. If you transfer the headline to sailing, you could say: “If you go on a sailboat, then only take the bare essentials with you. If you plan to sail far, take even less!”

Why not pack more?

The aim of a regatta is to sail fast - and best of all to win. So you only take what helps you achieve your goals. Every part too many quickly becomes unnecessary ballast. This is why:

The boat is designed so much for high performance that more clothing and the necessary space for it is simply not planned. By the way, there is no place to sit together, no table, no armchairs.

Seat on the engine cover
There is space for the essentials only

You can't see the trees for the forest

If you ask yourself whether this makes sense, then it is best to consider the opposite of a focused and conscious approach:

  • How can you be more successful? – By doing one or two things really well and with a lot of commitment, or by doing a lot of things at the same time and getting just a little bit done at each one?
  • How can I have the right tool at hand faster? By rummaging through a huge box with all sorts of stuff, or by being able to specifically grab what I need?

It quickly becomes clear that concentrating on the essentials is a key factor for success.

I thought I didn't have much with me - but I certainly packed 3 times too much

But how much can you limit and focus? It is a matter of experience and practice. As a rookie, I certainly had a whole bag too many with me. And even in my backpack I had stuffed so much into it that I had trouble finding anything suitable at all. So I regularly had to unpack everything in the dark of the sleeping quarters, sort everything, take out what was necessary and then pack everything up again. Very inefficient and tedious as I found it.

Lesson learned

High performance requires focus and only the tools that really matter. Unnecessary stuff quickly become ballast and dilutes the view of the essentials. Actually simple basics, but you have to constantly remember and act accordingly. In sports as well as in business.