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Team Development

Get serious results with Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® ist eine Methode, die in moderierten Workshops zur Erarbeitung von Visionen, Zielen, Produkten, im Teambuilding und vielen anderen Fragestellungen verwendet werden kann. Die Lego-Steine dienen dabei zur Visualisierung und Kommunikation.


11 tips for interviews for executives

11 Tipps für Vorstellungsgespräche für Führungskräfte. So bereitest Du Dich vor und präsentierst Dich professionell und erfolgreich!

Personal development

Durch natürliche Autorität die Führung übernehmen

Durch natürliche Autorität kannst Du die Führung in Gesprächen übernehmen, Teams und Gruppen anleiten, Deine Umgebung beeinflussen und Deine Ziele subtil und ohne Brechstange durchsetzen. Wir zeigen Dir wie!


In Führung gehen – in Führung bleiben

How can you take the lead in teamwork, score points in negotiations with your boss, or gain and maintain the upper hand in conversations? This article provides four important tips to help you succeed!

Health Professions

Work-life balance under constant stress?

You can manage your work-life balance, even under harsh conditions. How? I summarized my learnings from a sailing race across the Atlantic.

Developing Leaders

What is the benefit of leadership training with horses?

Positioning as a manager in a team, your leadership role and management tools for daily work are developed in this course and practiced with horses. You immediately grow with the task and return to your everyday management life stronger.

Developing Leaders

Mistakes are the most important thing!

Every mistake generates a learning effect. Mistakes are needed to grow, they are infinitely valuable! But what is the best way to learn from mistakes? 3 valuable tips for managers!

Personal development

If you're in a hurry, go slow!

And if you're going to be out on a sailing boat for a long time, take as little as possible with you! I have experienced first-hand how unnecessary ballast inhibits success.

Team Development

Preparation for a stormy night

Making mistakes is important to learning. Almost more important is how such events are dealt with. In the article I share valuable tips packed in an exciting story.

Developing Leaders

Leadership Training with Horses

In our intensive 2-day leadership training you will get to know your ideal leadership style and efficient tools for successful leadership work.

Team Development

How can I improve teamwork?

The most important factors of communication, mutual respect, and the division of tasks.


Am I in the right job?

What is my right job anyway? Can I even achieve my dream job? And if so, how? Can career coaching help me?

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