What is the benefit of leadership training with horses?

The five most frequently asked questions in a nutshell!

Life is not a pony farm“—Leadership even less so! Anyone who has switched from a specialist job to a management role knows that completely different, new skills are required. In management training with horses, we give you exactly what is needed to become effective in everyday leadership.

What exactly do I get from a leadership course with horses?

Who is in the lead here?

Do I also get to know leadership tools?

In this workshop, we use tools that we all know, but which perhaps have never been consciously used in such ways. And you get to know new tools, and you immediately practice using them. This will give you a instant boost to your leadership footprint after the course.

Why is this course designed with horses?

Horses are generally cooperative, have strong personalities, and as herd animals, they associate with leaders. Who is accepted as a team-manager depends on how much trust can be conveyed through body language and appropriate behavior. Working with the horses creates a safe and authentic experimental setting. It is divided into three steps:

100% leadership development + 100% horse training = 200% success!

Course content and customization

Each participant has their own topics when it comes to leadership. Most of the time, the training is about sharpening your position as a leader in a team, defining your own leadership role and practicing tools to make day-to-day management work efficient.

There are also special topics that can be worked on: trust as a currency in teamwork, empowerment, high performance and current topics such as the return to work after Corona or the management of diversity and generations.

The ideal group size is 4 to a maximum of 8 participants.

Where are the courses held and how long do they last?

The training location is the Reitdorf – Flachau. By working with 365PS Leadership the riding stable with its open-air paddock is fully available to us. You can live directly in the apartments of the riding estate, or in the immediate vicinity. Catering is provided by companies closeby.

Courses can take the form of one-day seminars (recommended only for short journeys), 1.5-day events or over two days take place divided. The work in training is very intense, it takes place outdoors and is therefore tiring. This should be taken into account when planning your arrival and departure, as well as sufficient time for regeneration. Of course, we are happy to advise you on this for optimal success!

The frame for your leadership work: the open-air paddock

Course cost and contact

The course price varies according to length, accommodation, number of participants and any additional services required, e.g. the creation of HBDI profiles for the participants. In a preliminary talk we clarify the exact needs for your training and then create an individual offer.


Get in touch with the trainer-team:

Elisabeth Mallik: +43 676 943 94 94

Roman Fleischhackl: +43 664 2683999

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