A career plan helps to achieve your professional goals more efficiently

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A career plan helps to achieve your professional goals more efficiently

How to come up with a career plan, and what else you need to reach your dream professional destination.

Im Laufe des Berufslebens gibt es Berge und Täler, manchmal ist man schneller unterwegs – auf der Überholspur – und dann wieder staut es rund herum und es scheint kein Weiterkommen zu geben. Und der Karriereweg stellt sich mit Abzweigungen, Weggabelungen und vielleicht sogar mit Sackgassen dar. Wie navigiert man also sicher durch seinen beruflichen Werdegang? Hier gibt es eine Anleitung für den erfolgreichen Weg zum beruflichen Traumziel.

Set targets:

Running off without knowing your targets is generally not seen as a productive approach. As a result, it important to carefully define your goals, at least roughly, when planning your career. It’s a bit like a trip around the world: you determine the first few stops and perhaps book them in advance, but you then have to be flexible, depending on the experiences you want to enjoy, the places you like, and where you’d maybe prefer to go.

Plan how to achieve your goals:

Your determined target can usually be achieved under certain circumstances. These include education and training, experience, the proof of special skills or proficiencies, and also examples that show how you do your job. An exact analysis of what is required from the job for a temporary career goal can help to figure out what is missing and how any possible gaps in your CV can be filled.

The all-famous networking:

These are typical network analysis questions, and they help to determine how close I am to the network of decision-makers already. Generally speaking, networking can be the deciding factor, but it doesn’t usually help to overcome large deficits in the fulfilment of the job profile. Therefore, it is advisable to first check whether I am suitable for the job.

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