Success is Knowledge.
Persönliches Erfolgscoaching
Health Professions

Work-life balance under constant stress?

You can manage your work-life balance, even under harsh conditions. How? I summarized my learnings from a sailing race across the Atlantic.

Personal development

If you're in a hurry, go slow!

And if you're going to be out on a sailing boat for a long time, take as little as possible with you! I have experienced first-hand how unnecessary ballast inhibits success.

Developing Leaders

"One bad apple spoils the whole basket"

A sailing regatta across the Atlantic requires a lot of stamina. Here you will find 5 tips from my experience to stay motivated in the long term!

Personal development

Adaptability? - The first major challenges!

Joining a regatta across the Atlantic ocean on a racing boat, means embarking on three challenges in terms of adaptability: experiences and tips!