Success is Knowledge.
Developing Leaders

Search, find and retain new employees!

Searching for, finding and retaining new employees is a challenge, especially for smaller companies, because they have to compete with seemingly overwhelming competition.
Here you can find out how you can still successfully position yourself as a good employer!

Developing Leaders

What is the benefit of leadership training with horses?

Positioning as a manager in a team, your leadership role and management tools for daily work are developed in this course and practiced with horses. You immediately grow with the task and return to your everyday management life stronger.

Developing Leaders

Mistakes are the most important thing!

Every mistake generates a learning effect. Mistakes are needed to grow, they are infinitely valuable! But what is the best way to learn from mistakes? 3 valuable tips for managers!

Developing Leaders

"One bad apple spoils the whole basket"

A sailing regatta across the Atlantic requires a lot of stamina. Here you will find 5 tips from my experience to stay motivated in the long term!

Developing Leaders

Leadership Training with Horses

In our intensive 2-day leadership training you will get to know your ideal leadership style and efficient tools for successful leadership work.