Am I in the right job?

What is my right job anyway? Can I even achieve my dream job? And if so, how? Can career coaching help me?

Techniques that are often used in career coaching, for example, are scaling, circular or hypothetical questions – including the so-called miracle question – or an exercise that I find particularly exciting: the inner team. In this way, you can develop your desired image and vision, and clarify where this development should lead.

This is followed by a logical, factual review of the training – perhaps strengths/weaknesses – and we critically analyse what is fun about the work, or what should be fun, which financial goals you would like to set, and what you are perhaps missing at the moment.

During this fine-tuning, written methods are more likely to be used, such as work on a flip chart or pin board, perhaps with the use of tables or lists, and some people prefer to work with mind maps. What this creates in an intense thought process. This makes you look forward. Clarity about the WHY and the HOW come into focus.

Supporters, networks, and resources complete the picture and a development path, and perhaps companions, become visible.

So: Get out of the passenger seat! Take the wheel in your own hands! And who knows, you might just want to turn the wheel gently, or take it completely. You can always decide this time and time again. 

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