11 days at Atlantic and absolutely no contact

How to plan and endure longer absences

Full focus on the regatta across the Atlantic also means saying goodbye to all other everyday obligations, activities and routines. The transition must be well planned, because no one wants to take nagging thoughts, open work orders or pending conversations across the ocean. So how do you successfully disconnect from life on land?

Determination of a defined period

Signing off for a few weeks means a big change for yourself, but above all for those who stay on land and still have to go about their daily routine.

Determining the period from when you will no longer be available and when you will be available again makes planning and communicating of the time-out easier. This is the first step towards the necessary clarity.

Information of all foreseeable contacts

We are all familiar with studies and insights into how often information has to be conveyed to us humans so that we can remember it. And the rule is: once is never.

It is therefore advisable to include the planned absence in standard communication well in advance. At the end of conference calls, in emails, on the website and on the phone. One cannot “over-communicate” this message.

Delegate important tasks

Some things cannot be postponed. Certain things just go on and need attention. The availability, but also the qualification and authorization of a representative covers this point. It may take time to find a suitable person or position. So long-term planning pays off.

Farewell and out of office reminder

An alarm system is useless if you don't arm it as soon as you leave the house. It is the same here. On day "X" you have to say goodbye and then really be offline. Doing things quickly and still being available creates confusion and frustration. Now it's time for "over and out".



Why did I jot down these thoughts during my crossing? – Because I have seen how difficult it was for some people to separate. But also because in some cases it didn't work at all. And all of this was for good reasons. Responsibility towards family, friends of one's own company are important and should always be carefully considered. This article is intended to help you plan as far as you can.